PaperPlanes Waffle Edible Recipe!!

PaperPlanes Waffle Edible Recipe!!

I want to first make it clear that I have been using edibles for over a decade and my tolerance for them is very high. I recommend much lower dosages then what I am using in my video. With that said, lets get into it.

I think cooking with cannabis is a safe and affordable way to medicate effectively without any damage to your lungs. You can substitute hash infused cannabis oil or hash infused cannabis butter whenever a recipe calls for those items. Im going to teach you how to infuse the butter and oil in a short time. This way, you can use infuse hash into any oil or butter during any recipe you would like.

We’re gonna start with an easy one first and cook some bomb strawberry edible waffles with whip cream and vanilla ice cream (optional).

What you need: Waffle Maker or Waffle Griddle, .1-.3g (up to 1g) of “small nug run” from PaperPlanes.

You will notice on the back of almost every waffle mix that you find at the store will call for about 1/4 cup of vegetable oil. When you see this on the back of a box you know you can make it cannabis style vegetable oil. I like to substitute coconut oil in for vegetable oil as its tastier and better for you but either will work.

First, before you do any other part of the recipe go ahead and heat up the 2 tbsp of oil on low-medium heat for 1 min and prep your cannabis concentrate to get ready to be thrown in the pan. How much you ask? Well 1g=1000mg and in the edible world 1000mg is a fucking shit ton. BE CAREFUL! You are going to consume these waffles in one sitting which means you will take the full dose. I usually put in 1g but i recommend .1g or 100mg of concentrate for your first time and even that can be a little much. Take it slow. What kind of concentrate you ask? I like to use some nice small nug run shatter, sugar, or crumble that is easy to handle. I always use our small nug run products because we know there are no pesticides or solvents left over that may be harmful to us.

Next, once the oil is hot, add the concentrate and you will watch it slowly start to melt away and then bubble or boil right into the coconut or vegetable oil. Leave it on low-medium heat and stir in the concentrate to the oil until it is fully dissolved.(4-5 min) This process of heating the oil to high temps and melting it down is referred to as Decarboxylation.

Click on this link to find out more about Decarboxylation.

Essentially, we are converting thca to thc in order for our body to be able to process and absorb it. THCA gets heated up when you smoke it or vaporize it and instantly converted into THC making it available for absorption. The same concept is taking place here on medium heat when you mix the concentrate with your vegetable oil.

Next, Pull the oil off heat and let cool for 20 min to room temp.

Now, all you have to do is add this cannabis concentrated coconut or vegetable oil to the recipe just as it calls for. Follow the instructions for the recipe just as you would if you didn’t just infuse your oil and make it potent as hell.

For the finishing touches, I like to add strawberries to the badder and then at the end I like to add powdered sugar, whip cream, more strawberries, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and my favorite organic maple syrup. Of course, this is all optional but trust me its amazing.

Your going to find that some foods mask the taste of cannabis completely and this is one that almost takes the whole cannabis taste away. Have fun, experiment but be very safe with your dosages. 1g=1000mg. I.E. If you add 5g or 5000mg to a batch of 12 cookies then each cookie will approx be 416mg, this is extremely strong. CA state standards make it so you can only purchase 100mg doses at a time but prior to 2018 many companies released products containing upwards of 3000mg in an edible.

Please feel free to email me on the website with any questions you may have. I attached a few rough videos of the process.

Video 1 is the cannabis concentrate melting into the coconut oil

Video 2 is mixing the two together

Video 3 is post mixing about to go on the griddle.

I hope this helps you elevate your experience with PaperPlanes!

Edible Recipe Video 1

Edible Recipe Video 2

Edible Recipe Video 3

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